COLONNA by Fabio Dibello


Colonna is a personal attempt which aims to reflect on what we inherit, on the relationship we have with the past. The author investigates and wonders how it is possible to preserve the memory of a place, of a past where we have not been protagonists but that it contributed to build the identity and the history in a profound way. Cogne and its mines are an indissoluble binomial, always conniving: a symbiosis that created the cultural and historical foundations that determined the town’s genius loci. Maintaining the necessary critical detachment, bearing in mind the difference between history and memory, the author, overcoming the documentary purposes of the photographic language, created an artistic project pursuing the objective of generating a story through images, capable of awakening in the observer the emotions that activate the post-memory mechanism. The term post underlines a temporal distance, therefore a type of memory that is not based on events but on representations where images play a decisive role in the process of recomposing memory. As John Berger suggests: “photographs are always a relic of the past, even if they were taken yesterday, their purpose is not to remind us something but to remind us to remember ”.



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COLONNA is a photobook by Fabio Dibello. Edition of 300 copies. 112 pages. Offset print on Fedrigoni Tatami White paper 150gr + Sirio antracite 170gr. Photographs by Fabio Dibello. Design, editing and layout by Alessio Zemoz. Produced by framedivision, Alexine Dayné and Alessio Zemoz. Texts by Fabio Dibello. Languages: english and italian. Dimensions: 23×28,5 cm. Printed by Tipografia Valdostana in september 2020. ISBN: 978-88-943778-1-1