Le Messager Valdôtain 1989

The Family Tarots and the Aosta Valley Repubblic.

“Freedom at any price”

A. Celestine D. and a life without pictures. Short story of a weak genealogy.
A. Celestine D. is a visual memory orphan: she didn’t inherit any family pictures. She inherited an identity of young european woman, mountaineer by tradition and free spirit by vocation.

where > Valsavarenche, Aosta. Grand Paradiso National Parc
the research > family pictures found in Valsavarenche and around
the process > from Family Pictures to Family Tarots

Play cards following the tradition

long life to the intramontismo


1989 > at page 220 of the “Messager Valdôtain” we read the news of the controversy  end against the Grand Paradiso National Parc. End of the electoral muteness.

1989 > the Berlin wall falls down.

1989 > A. Celestine D. parents divorced > a few months later she stopped to talk for  an hole year. Her alcoholic father will soon die by cancer.

1985 > the community fights against the country laws. For three years Valsavarenche  citizens deny themselves the right to vote.

1985 > dynamiter attack against a high tension pylon right next to the chief town.

1985 > A. Celestine D. is born.

1980 > manifestation screaming “Freedom at any price”, ready for any kind of fight.  Inhibited the local council power in favor of Parc and Region, by aggravating  the yet serious mountain problems, clear in terms of economical development  delay and demographic decline.

“If they move down the borders bullets will whistle”

“Borders are untouchables otherwise pylons will explode”

1975 > larger conflict period

“The fascist law focuses on animals the democrartic law must focus on humans”

“In Turin and Rome didn’t they know that the Parc is our property?”

1948 > Aosta Valley gets her self-governement

1945 > Italy is free

1944 > Eight month before the liberation regular elections were promoted by  F. Chabod coherently with national laws in force before fascist dictatorship.  That day citizens elected Valentino D as mayor.

1926 > J. M. Trèves found winth E. Chanoux the “Jeune Vallée d’Aoste”. Democracy  and self-governement. Here’s the origin of the firsts partisans in Aosta Valley.

1906 > Birth of E. Chanoux

1901 > Birth of F. Chabod, from Valsavarenche

1700 > Uncertain date  Joseph A. D. arrives in Valsavarenche. Wanted, he gets there from Spain.  Genealogy traces of Joseph A. D were lost. 


All of these missions, carried out in beautiful and holy harmony for the common good, represented one day the Fatherland of the Fatherlands, humanity. And only then will the foreign word pass men’s speeches; and the man will be able to greet the man, from anywhere he will move towards him, with the sweet name of brother.
F. Chabod

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EL GERMESAS TAINDÔVAL is a photo book by Alessio Zemoz in partnership with Alexine Dayné. Edition of 150 copies. 22+5 cards + booklet + usb. Digital print on Fedrigoni Materica Gesso paper 360 gr + Arcoprint Milk 70gr + Soporset 350 gr. Photographs by Alessio Zemoz. Audiobook by Alexine Dayné. Design, editing and layout by Alessio Zemoz. Produced by framedivision, Alexine Dayné and Alessio Zemoz. Texts by Alessio Zemoz. Languages: french, english and italian. Dimensions: 9×11 cm. Printed by Tipografia Valdostana in 2020. ISBN: 979-12-200-2534-8.